Scientific Name Swiftia exserta

Common Name: Orange Sea Fan, Soft Red Sea Fan, Orange Tree Colour: Orange with red polyps

Distinguishing Characteristics: Bushy large gorgonian, sometimes fan shaped but with loose branches. Large red polyps are distinctive.

Natural Habitat: Caribbean. Medium depth to deep reefs with high profile, deepwater hardbottoms, and on deep shipwrecks. Not usually found shallower than 17 m (50 feet). Occurs in clear or slightly turbid water with strong current.

Aquarium Care: Not very hardy in captivity but definitely possible to keep. For dedicated aquarists only. Since it does not have symbiotic zooxanthellae this species requires regular feeding to surv ive. Adding food to the water stimulates the polyps to expand. They will take brine shrimp, chopped shrimp, My sis, clam, fish eggs, Daphnia, and flake food. Strong currents also encourage polyp extension. This species sometimes suffers from tissue loss during shipping, exposing part of the skeleton. Under the right conditions this will heal and the exposed skeleton will be covered again with new tissue.

Reproduction: Release of eggs in captivity has been reported (Tyree, S. in Fossa and Nilsen, 1996). Branches easily fragment and can be re-attached with underwater epoxy.

The COMPLETE guide to Aquariums

The COMPLETE guide to Aquariums

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