Sea Stars

There are several species of very tiny sea stars (Asterina spp.?) that proliferate vegetatively in reef aquaria. They divide spontaneously and the severed parts regenerate the missing legs quickly. In our experience these sea stars are generally harmless, but we have seen one species eat small polyped stony corals, while another species seems to eat coralline algae. Most species are scavengers that eat detritus. Because of the possibility that some species eat corals we view these sea stars with suspicion. It is wise to hold them in a separate tank with coral fragments to observe if they are well-behaved or not. We don't want to encourage aquarists to annihilate any creature they think might cause a problem. On the contrary, we hope aquarists will become interested in all of the little creatures that make a reef aquarium (and coral reef) a complex, diverse ecosystem.

Brittle Stars

In live sand and from live rock we obtain many species of small brittle stars that are wonderful complements to the healthy community of a reef aquarium. They sort through the gravel and sand, picking out morsels of detritus as their food. They are important in aerating the sand layers and preventing the formation of dead zones beneath the rocks.

Brittle stars living in the gravel are excellent scavengers, sifters and detrital feeders. They are a beneficial part of the "live sand" community. J. Sprung

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The COMPLETE guide to Aquariums

The COMPLETE guide to Aquariums

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