Water Motion

As with most sessile invertebrates, zoanthids rely on water motion

to bring food and dissolved substances to them and to rid themselves of wastes. Moderate water motion with the occasional strong burst are appreciated by zoanthids. Good water motion will also encourage faster growth ol the colony. Finally, good water motion will prevent the accumulation of detritus between the polyps. If detritus and sand are allowed to accumulate between the A colony of brillant green polyps, undesirable algae may proliferate in these pockets.

Protopalythoa psammophila from

Hawai i. J. C. Delbeek Lighting

Lighting is only of importance to species that have zooxan-thellae. Zoanthids can be kept under a wide range of lighting types, but generally the more light the better. If the zoanthids are contracting a great deal and/or show signs of bleaching (lightening) then they may be getting too much light. Symptoms of low light include stretching of the polyps towards the light

The COMPLETE guide to Aquariums

The COMPLETE guide to Aquariums

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