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John H.Tullock is an ecologist and one of North Americas leading proponents of environmentally sound aquarium keeping. A native of Tennessee, Tullock received the Master of Science degree from the University of Tennessee in 1979. He later did graduate work in ichthyology under Dr. David Etnier, who is perhaps best known for his discovery of the snail darter. He has taught college-level biology and managed a research laboratory.

Tullock and a group of partners founded Aquatic Specialists in 1987, which grew to become one of the largest direct-to-consumer national suppliers of marine fish, invertebrates, and live rock. In 1994, he left the board of the company to pursue a career as a writer and consultant to the aquarium trade. He is the author of six books and numerous magazine articles, which have appeared in Aquarium Fish magazine, Aquarium Frontiers Online magazine, Freshwater and Marine Aquarium magazine, and other publications. He has been a consultant to the World Wide Fund for Nature in connection with the Marine Aquarium Council and is currently pursuing research relating to the development of environmental policy.

Tullock is the f ounder of the American Marinelife Dealers Association, an organization of aquarium-industry businesses that promotes environmentally sustainable practices and education for conservation awareness. In 1997, he was invited to present a paper on the aquarium industry and the environment at the Global Biodiversity Forum in Montreal, Quebec. He also serves on the board of Conservation Fisheries, a nonprofit organization that rears endangered and threatened species of native American aquatic life for habitat restoration and species-recovery projects.

In addition to his marine aquarium interests, Tullock is an avid gardener, cook and outdoorsman, with a particular fondness for exploring the Cumberland and Appalachian Mountains near his home in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Reef Aquarium
The COMPLETE guide to Aquariums

The COMPLETE guide to Aquariums

The word aquarium originates from the ancient Latin language, aqua meaning water and the suffix rium meaning place or building. Aquariums are beautiful and look good anywhere! Home aquariums are becoming more and more popular, it is a hobby that many people are flocking too and fish shops are on the rise. Fish are generally easy to keep although do they need quite a bit of attention. Puppies and kittens were the typical pet but now fish are becoming more and more frequent in house holds. In recent years fish shops have noticed a great increase in the rise of people wanting to purchase aquariums and fish, the boom has been great for local shops as the fish industry hasnt been such a great industry before now.

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