Estimating Salinity From Specific Gravity

w hen the specific gravity of aquarium water is mea- version factor, which should be added to the hydrometer sured with a hydrometer, the salinity of the water can reading. The result is the density reading of the water. For example, if the temperature in your tank is 22 degrees Celsius be calculated if the temperature is also known.

First, convert the temperature reading to Celsius, by us- and your hydrometer reading is 1.0230, the conversion fac ing the following formula: °C = 0.56 (°F-32)

tor (0.0016) should be added to your hydrometer reading,

Next, read across to find the temperature in the first table resulting in a density reading of 1.0246. Then refer to the below, Conversion of Observed Hydrometer Readings to table on page 122, Conversion of Density to Salinity. There

Density. Read down that column to the row corresponding to you find that your density calculation of 1.0246 gives a salin-

the hydrometer reading. The number in the table is a con- ity reading of approximately 33.

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