Gallon Clam Lagoon

Large Polyp Stony

Overhead view of a shallow-water clam and coral nursery, typical of an Indo-Pacific patch reef in a lagoon area, featuring cap-tive-propagated Tridacna clams, young stony coral colonies, neon-green and orange zoanthids, and a scattering of fishes.

ere is an eyecatching aquarium that reflects by Gerald Heslinga's Indo-Pacific Reef Farms. The rela-

a small patch of Indo-Pacific back reef or shallow la- tively small foam fractionator suits a system that should goon where baby Tridacna clams and various stony not be overskimmed, according to clam experts. Regular cal-

coral colonies have settled out. It demands intense cium supplementation is a must, lighting and excellent water conditions, but returns Aquarium: All-Glass (36 x 18 x 19 inches)

the investment in a display that is equally captivating when Lighting: Coralife metal halide pendant fixtures: two 175-

viewed from front or top — the full coloration of the clams watt 10,000 K

is best seen from above. All clams, corals, and most of the Temperature Control: two Ebo-Jager 100-watt heaters other stock in this tank were propagated in Palau or Hawaii Skimming: CPR SR2 in-sump skimmer

Chapter Two 73

Metal Halide Pendant Reef

Metal halide pendants provide intense illumination while permitting easy top-down viewing of the clam reef. A convenient acrylic sump houses the skimmer, heaters, pouches of activated carbon, and phosphate remover,

A dazzling spectrum of colors in the fast-growing coral fragments and young clams compensates for a small fish population. The small size of this system dictates that some specimens be relocated to larger aquariums as they develop.

Primary Circulation: Eheim 1060 pump

Other Circulation: Accurate Acrylic O s ci-Wave with

Maxi-Jet 1000 pump (as powerhead)

Sump: Amiracle Maxi-Reef 200 (biomedia removed)

Control Devices: Intermatic Time-All light timer;

Ocean Motion wavemaker

Plenum: Reef Renovators' Eco-Sand Filter Plate used under the bed of aragonite sand

Reefscaping: 30 pounds Marshall Islands live rock (Aquatic Specialists); 50 pounds aragonite sand (CaribSea)

Livestock: Invertebrates: giant clam species Tridacna maxima, T. squamosa, T. crocea, T. derasay T. gigas', various species of Acropora started from fragments; neon-green soft coral (Nephthea sp.); zoanthids on "polyp rock" (all clams and corals captive-propagated; from Reef Science Intl.). Fishes: small Clown Wrasse (Corisgaimard) for pyramidel-lid snail control; False Percula Clownfish (Amphiprion ocularis) captive-bred by C-Quest; Yellow Tang (Zebrasoma flavescens) for algae control. Aquascaping: 30 pounds Marshall Islands live rock; 50 pounds aragonite sand.

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