m ¬ęTS- r mSmm a predator. When the goby swims out of the burrow, hov- Prawn gobies (Cryptocentrus cinctus) with their prawn: the ering just above or in front of it, the prawn trails behind, nearly blind alpheid shrimp excavates food and a burrow for always keeping one of its antennae in contact with its room- all three, while the fish watch for approaching predators, mate. If danger threatens, the goby flicks its tail to warn the prawn, and both dart back to the safety of the burrow. prawn and goby pair will take up with each other. Some

The association must be of great benefit to both, since over observers report these gobies thriving without their shrimp,

25 species of prawn gobies and at least 8 species of associ- but I recommend that aquarists not buy the goby without ated prawns are known. Always be sure the association is es- the prawn. Unable to dig and faced with the lack of a bur-

tablished in the dealer's aquarium before purchasing these row, the goby may refuse to eat and thus slowly starve in species. Some of the associations are specific; not just any the aquarium.

Chapter Ten 249

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Aquarium and Fish Care Tactics

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