The Natural Style 1 Euro American Hybrid

Combining the best of various reef aquarium techniques and approaches, a growing number of North American aquarists are reporting unprecedented success with reef organisms, including previously hard-to-keep corals. Typically, the new natural-style system incorporates live rock, a bed oflive aragonite sand — with or without a plenum, strong, chaotic water movement, efficient protein skimming, and intense lighting.

Aquariums heavily stocked with growing corals and tri-dacnid clams also rely on limewater additions and/or the use of calcium reactors that extract calcium and other ions from aragonite sand in the presence of carbon dioxide. Several serious coral keepers have reported matching the known wild growth rates oiAcropora in home systems, and many species of small-polyped scleractinian corals (also called stony corals) are now being propagated in aquariums with one variation or another of this natural approach.

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Aquarium and Fish Care Tactics

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