Trace Elements

All chemical elements are present in natural seawa-ter, and a varietv of these are known to be required commercially available, but many aquarists use a weekly by one or more kinds of marine life. Those that are present supplement containing 10% strontium chloride (SrCl2) in at a concentration of 1 ppm or less are called "trace ele-distilled water at the rate of 1.0 ml per 150 liters of aquar- merits." A number of supplements are available that can be ium water, and do not bother to test for this element. Com- added to the tank, ostensibly to replenish those elements mercially prepared supplements containing strontium are that are depleted from the water by biological processes readily available. Strontium supplementation is controver- and aquarium filtration. Each manufacturer touts its special, sial among experienced aquarium hobbyists, with some sug- often secret, formula. I urge the aquarist, however, to resist gesting that it is unnecessary or even harmful. For a the onslaught of the ad campaigns. Some of these products discussion, see Shimek (1995), and associated commentaries may be beneficial, but some may also be deleterious, their ef-

(Bibliography, page 315).

ficacy not having been scientifically evaluated in most cases.

IODINE. Iodine is present in natural seawater at a con- No additive can substitute for water testing, careful obser-


w ^ j_ i ±o i cjciiL in iiatui ai a vv a uv^i c centration of 60 micrograms per liter (60 parts per It is essential to all organisms, but is especially necessary for macroalgae, soft corals, and crustaceans. If shrimps die during the process of molting, suspect a deficiency of iodine. 3 Noel Curry, personal communication vation of the health of your stock, and good maintenance, including regular water changes, as a formula for success.

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