Betta Lovers Guide Review

Betta Lovers Guide

You saved your Betta's life from the pet store's tiny cup; now learn how to make your Betta into the most comfortable, safe, and cared-for fish in the world. Who else wants a beautiful, healthy Betta fish, swimming happily in a stunning tank, without having to spend a bundle or constantly worry about your Betta's health? Bettas don't have to be complicated. In fact, Bettas can be very low maintenance. They can be inexpensive to take care of. They can be happy and healthy. And it's easy to do with the information you'll discover in the coveted guide that has been created.

Do you know why people like Bettas so much? Their amazing good looks. Everyone's amazed by the rich colors of my bettas and their dramatic fins. They're stunning little creatures. In my large collection of bettas I've got everything you can imagine. There's Rusty, who's red with shiny green fins. Kermit, who's green. Marvin, my marble. Sunny, my solid yellow. Mermaid, my turquoise beauty. Bettas have personality, unlike so many other types of fish. They wag their tails, have minds of their own, and enchant people with their cute antics. To display their personality they do need to be healthy and happy though, and I'll give you the secrets to make it easy for you.

They're addictive! Once you unlock the secrets of how to care for them, how can you not fall in love with the sight of their wiggly, vibrant bodies excited to see you? How can you not become fascinated by all of those radiant colors swimming around? You can learn the secrets of having cheerful, peppy, and long-lived Betta fish without having to spend a lot of cash and without ever having to do much work.

What do you learn

Some of the highlights of this Betta Lovers Guide Review I wanted to point out regarding Marcus Song, the author, and what he writes about include:

  • The perfect water temperature and how to keep your tank at this temperature at all times. This will not only keep your Betta happy, it will minimize destructive bacteria that can harm your Betta.
  • A secret way to keep dangerous ammonia levels down and safe at all times, using Marcus Song’s secret seeding method.
  • 9 Rules for acclimating your Betta to other fish, including another male Betta in the same tank
  • What to do if your Betta won’t eat. He provides a couple of ideas that I’ve had terrific success with.
  • The perfect time of day to feed your Betta (proven by biologists).
  • The safest and most humane way to keep your Betta from jumping out of his bowl or tank.
  • A secret and really clever way to get your Betta fish to flare on command, impressing your friends and neighbors
  • An easy way to reduce the amount of water changes while maintaining a clean tank with clean water. This strategy reduced my workload tremendously! The best part of this strategy is that the plant he instructs you to grow is really easy to grow and eats up almost all the nitrates and ammonia your Betta generates.


You see, once you have these secrets all the "work" of caring for betta fish will be done for you... automatically! If you love Bettas and you’ve been looking for a complete guide then look no further because the Betta Lovers Guide is the ideal purchase for you! At just $27 it’s a real bargain as well and it’s probably one of the only fish guides we’d recommend so highly. If you want the low down on how to properly care for Betta fish and ensure that they live and long and happy life then this is the purchase you need to make today before it’s too late!

Betta Lovers Guide
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