The amount of aquarium information on the Internet is unbelievable. It seems to be the place where people gather to exchange information about the hobby. This is by far the fastest way to obtain and exchange information on aquarium keeping. If you have access to the Internet, then you have unlimited access to a vast amount of information on this hobby. Internet resources include chat groups, equipment, photos, links, husbandry information, classified ads, events, and on and on and on.

There are Internet networks for fish enthusiasts that you can join. This gives you access to hobbyists, professional aquarists, researchers, breeders, and vendors of aquarium products. You can even get immediate advice from staff about sick fish.

There is so much on the Internet that you will quickly be overwhelmed by all the sites. Many experts, vendors, and amateurs have web pages as well. Any good search engine will help you access these resources, but here a few that I like.

Aquaria Central

Articles, chat rooms, message boards, and species profiles complement this big shopping site.

Aqua Link

A huge supplier of aquarium supplies; plus the site also has articles, message boards, and links to many fishkeeping communities.


The web site of Aquarium Fish magazine includes article archives, a forum, classified ads, and species profiles.

Aquarium Global Resource

You will find every type of aquarium equipment and instrumentation on this site.

This site is a compendium of other shopping sites, sorted into saltwater, reef, marine, and other categories.

Aquatic Book Shop

Offers a very large selection of new and used books, magazines, and videos on fishing, aquariums, and ichthyology, for hobbyists at all levels.

Fish Base

Search for information on any fish species by using a wide range of criteria, including scientific name, common name, native country, and fish family. You'll also find articles on biodiversity and behavior, and a glossary.

Fish Index

You'll find species profiles, photos, videos, a glossary, message boards, a chat room, and conversion calculators.

Index accessories, 46—47 aeration, 34, 39 airstone, 39 algae description, 100

deterring excessive growth of, 23 fluorescent lighting for, 41 as food for grazing fish, 92 role in removal of excess nutrients,

43-44 types, 101-105 algae rock, 37

American Marine Dealers Association

(AMDA), 44 ammonia, 31 anatomy of fish, 14-18 Anemonefish, 69-70 Angelfish, 63-64 antibiotics, 113

bacteria, 31, 34, 35, 51 bacterial diseases, 114-115 basslets, 82

black spot (tang turbellarian disease),

117-118 Blennies, 64-65 blue-green algae, 104-105 Blue Green Chromis, 72 boxfish, 81-82 brine shrimp, 93, 94-95 brown algae, 103 bucket, 47, 106 Butterflyfish, 66-67

canopy, 26—27 carbon dioxide, 31 Cardinalfish, 68-69 carnivores, 90-91

cauliflower disease (lymphocystis), 115 cleaning of equipment, 48 of gravel, 48, 106, 108 vacuuming tank, 99 Clownfish, 69-70 community tank avoiding poor fish choices, 59-60 description, 56-58 planning, 59 copper as treatment for ill fish, 112-113 coral, 36, 44-46

coral reef ecosystems, 21, 56 cover (hood or canopy), 26-27 crustacean infestations, 118 cryptocaryoniasis (marine white spot or marine ich), 116-117 curing live rock, 37-38

Damselfish, 69, 71-72 dealers

American Marine Dealers Association (AMDA), 44 establishing relationship with, 22-23 decorations, 44-46 decorator rock, 37 detritus, 99, 100 diatoms, 103 dietary needs. See feeding digestive system, 17 dinoflagellates, 103-104 dip method of treating ill fish, 111 direct aquarium treatment, 110 diseases of fish commercial versus homemade remedies, 110 common maladies, 113-119 common treatments, 112-113 recognizing signs of illness,

109-110 treatment methods, 110-112 vulnerability, 109 disinfecting water, 39 Dottybacks, 72-73

equipment, miscellaneous, 46-47. See also filters; tank exophiala disease, 116

fancy rock, 37 feeding excess food, 31, 96 fishes' refusal to eat, 96 fishkeeper absences, 97 how much and how often, 95-96 live foods, 94-95 natural foods, 91-93 prepared foods, 94 strategies for, 91 Filefish, 82 filters checking and replacing media, 100

external canister, 34

external power filter, 33-34

inside sponge filter, 33

live rock, 43

protein skimmer, 38-39

trickle, 35-36

types, 32

undergravel, 34-35, 43, 108 wet-dry, 35 fin rot, 114 fins, 14-15

fish. See also fish by type name adding first inhabitants, 52, 53 freshwater compared to saltwater,

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