Builtin Installations

A built-in aquarium offers many advantages over a free-standing design. Unattractive equipment hides behind the wall. Spills and splatters mostly occur behind the tank, also. The aquarium can have its own plumbing. Equipment, such as the lighting system, can be of an industrial type—no need for an expensive finished housing. on the downside, of course, installation is a major project and the cost can be much greater than that of a more traditional, free-standing system. The cost of a built-in aquarium approximates that of a bathroom addition. This can be $15,000 or more, depending upon construction costs in your area. Only you can judge if the added expense is worth it. Although custom tanks can be any size and installation costs can be unlimited, I discuss in this section what might be possible as a do-it-yourself project on a relatively limited budget. Certain aspects of an aquarium installation may require specialized skills and knowledge. Make sure you possess these qualifications. If not, hire a professional for those parts of the project. Not only can shoddy construction hamper your future enjoyment of the aquarium, it can pose danger to you and your family, and even reduce the value of your home.

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