Indo Pacific Fish Community II

This is a larger version of the foregoing model design. When it comes to larger fish, the compatibility rules mentioned above apply wholeheartedly. A big angelfish or wrasse can do significant damage to a tank mate in short order.

Aquarium Capacity 180 gallons

Life Support live rock, live sand, standard reef filtration

Lighting three 150-watt metal halide lamps

Background black

Decoration dead coral, shells, artificial reproductions

Special Requirements reef water conditions and moderate current


Pomacanthus sp 1

Chaetodon sp 1 or a pair (see text)

Coris gaimard 1

Chromis viridis 7

Or Chromis vanderbilti 7

Siganus vulpinus 1


Small hermit crabs 12

Angelfish (Pomacanthus) are particularly intolerant of potential competitors, that is any other angelfish or fish of any species if similar in color to the angelfish. Choose from among the following species, blue ring (P. annularis), emperor (P imperator), or Koran (P semicirculatus). Likewise, members of the closely related butterflyfish family may not tolerate each other in the aquarium, despite the observation that many travel in pairs on the reef. Good choices include: threadfin (Chaetodon auriga), saddled (C. ephippium), raccoon (C. lunula), or copper-band (Chelmon rostratus). The gaudy clown wrasse (Corisgaimard) won't abide another male clown wrasse in the neighborhood. You could substitute a dragon wrasse (Novaculichthys taeniorus), lyretail wrasse (Thalassoma lunare), or yellow wrasse (T. lutescens). Instead of either Chromis species, you could include a school of banner-fish (Heniochus diphreutes). The foxface (Siganus) can be replaced by a tang, such as powder blue (Acanthurus leucosternon), powder brown (A. japonicus), sailfin (Zebrasoma veliferum), or the old standby yellow (Z. flavescens). Be aware that the two Acanthurus species often fare poorly, probably because of improper collecting and handling practices. Be certain of the integrity of your source for either of these species.

In terms of setting up, breaking in, and stocking, follow the instructions given for the previous model design.

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