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Too many sharks collected for the aquarium wind up outgrowing their tanks. A commonplace example is the nurse shark, which reaches about nine feet, requiring an aquarium the size of a swimming pool. The little shark featured in this model design barely exceeds three feet.

Aquarium Capacity 210 gallons

Aquascape Materials coral sand coarse grade coral rock a few large pieces coral skeletons artificial or natural (optional)

Background pale blue or black


Chiloscyllium plagiosum 1

Special Requirements

Plan on having plenty of seafood available.

The number of fish fans who want a shark never fails to surprise me. Sharks can be a challenge to maintain, and most of them grow way too large. The diminutive bamboo sharks, however, remain small, under four feet, and can reproduce in captivity. Feeding them poses no challenge. They eat any and all seafoods. Impale the food on the end of a stick. You don't want fingers included in the shark's captive diet!

C. plagiosum, the white-spotted bamboo shark, may dig in the substrate, undermining your aquascaping. Because it lacks a bony skeleton, the little shark can be seriously injured by falling rocks. It spends a lot of time on the bottom, so I suggest leaving mostly an open expanse of sand, with only three to five large pieces of rock strategically placed.

Keeping a shark is a big responsibility. They can live a long time and become accustomed to life in captivity. Be prepared for it to hide for a while after you bring it home. Perform maintenance regularly, taking no chances that your shark might develop an illness. Sharks may react negatively to attempts at medication.

For this model design, only small sharks should be considered. The brown banded bamboo shark (Chiloscyllium punctatum) can stand in for its cousin, but the adult is not as attractive as the white-spotted.

126 Saltwater Aquarium Models

126 Saltwater Aquarium Models

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