Perfect Saltwater Tank

30 gallon tank Custom Hood Custom Stand 1 Phillips Ultralume

1 Cora life Actinic Blue Wizard Electronic Ballast DIY w/d filter Amiracle Prefilter Eheim 1250

DIY 30" Air-driven skimmer Hagen 801 power head Tetra Luft G Air pump Hagen 301 (circulation) Ebo Jaeger 100W heater 20 lbs dolomite Misc. Rocks

2 Domino Damsels Total

$28 (now $49 including the end caps)


Quick Tips to Save your Time and Money

Selection of appropriate equipment is very crucial, for example, skimmers. What do I mean? Well I mean resources, time, etc. If you are lacking several of these items it is VERY likely you will fail and exit the hobby, kill a lot of wonderful creatures and have spent a lot of money in the process. So I'm here to save you time and money.

I am giving you some quick tips and tricks that will help you save your precious time and money ! So lets start the list:

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