Concern for the environment and critters

While some will argue that the SW hobby is bad for the environment(Lots of materials and electricity to keep a few wild animals in your house), I feel it has a beneficial effect on the world, if done properly. You should take the time to research your choices for your SW tank so that there is minimal death to your inhabitants. Putting 10 SW fish in a 10 gallon aquarium is either going to end in the death of all the fish, or one big happy fat predatory fish.

Don't make snap purchases at fish stores/on-line before you know what it takes to take care of an animal/plant in your tank. "Finding Nemo" was a great movie, but it has resulted in a lot of dead clownfish because the people didn't take the time to find out how to care for them.

Want to have 7 tangs in a 20 gallon? Want to keep SPS corals in a deep tank with normal output lights? Do some research and find out these are BAD ideas or just keep a goldfish in a 10 gallon freshwater tank.

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