Your Saltwater tank will become a black hole for any money in the house or in your wallet. OK, maybe not that bad, but sometimes it will feel like you are taking 20 bucks, shredding it and feeding it to your $3 damsel. That is not recommended by the way!

This is probably the most expensive hobby I have ever tried, although I hear traveling around the world on cruise ships is SLIGHTLY more expensive. Sometimes local fish stores will try to tell you it is a very affordable hobby and attempt to sell you a 55 gallon or 75 gallon "kit" for well under $1000, sometimes under $500. You'll find yourself drawn back into the store to replace the "basic" equipment they sold you that doesn't do a good job. I have spent almost $2000 on my 75 gallon tank and that is considered moderate to cheap by most SW aquarium keepers.

Think you can do the hobby cheap? WRONG! Sure there are ways to reduce costs and cut corners, but if you think you can setup a 75 gallon tank for $75 bucks, it just isn't going to happen.

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