Accessory Pumps and Other Devices

Different types of accessory pumps may be used for additional circulation or variation of the flow within the aquarium. These include external dedicated circulatory pumps and powerheads. The powerheads may be hooked up with wave-maker switching devices, "pulse timer1' switching devices, or with simple timers.

External dedicated circulatory pumps have the advantage of not being an obstruction within the aquarium, and not contributing as much heat to the water as submersible powerheads. When using an external pump, the location of the intake is important. We have seen many aquariums equipped with recirculating pumps with the intake plumbed through the wall of the aquarium (either a side or the bottom), and outfitted with a strainer to prevent fish from being slurped into the motor. This technique works fine for fish-only aquariums, but is a disaster in the reef tank. Don't make this mistake! Wandering clownfish anemones, loose mushroom anemones, algae, sea cucumbers and other creatures end up against the strainer and often, through the pump. They become reef puree. The design of choice with this arrangement is simply to put the intake in the overflow. This arrangement can also be used for feeding the protein skimmer from the overflow.

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The COMPLETE guide to Aquariums

The COMPLETE guide to Aquariums

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