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Figure 12.2 Tridacna derasa

Upper and lateral view of shell.

Below: Map with geographical distribution of the clam. After Lucas 1988.

Clam ShellImages Inherited Traits

A possible hybrid cross between T. derasa and T. gigas, as mentioned in the text. The specimen is tank-raised. It is also possible that this is only a localized form of T. derasa with features similar to T. gigas. Note the clear windows at the center of the mantle, like T. gigas, and the unusual small teardrop-shaped clear windows scattered over the mantle. J.C. Delbeek.

Compare the "hybrid" or unusual form of T. derasa on the left with the typical tank-raised T. derasa from Palau, right. The colouring of the mantle on the unusual specimen is also similar to patterns found in T. squamosa. J.C. Delbeek.

Tridacna Gigas

A young Tridacna gigas. Note the typical small blue rings scattered over the mantle, and clear windows in the central area. J.C. Delbeek.

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