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Much has been written about the negative affect of nitrate on the health of fish and invertebrates, but most of the statements have been based on anecdotal information and the generally accepted belief that nitrate is toxic. Little actual documentation of nitrate toxicity exists, and public aquariums as well as home aquariums have demonstrated quite plainly that fish and invertebrates not only tolerate high nitrate levels, they can thrive in water with high nitrate. It is likely that any harmful affects noted are a result of nitrate accumulation s affect on the pH. When nitrate forms, nitric acid is also formed, which causes the pH to fall. This pH drop affects invertebrates' ability to deposit calcium carbonate, because both the carbonate buffer is depleted and the pH is not ideal for calcification. Reef aquariums with live rock tend to have a naturally achieved upper limit for nitrate accumulation since some nitrate is denitrified within the rock, and the plants and photosynthetie invertebrates also remove nitrate and its source, ammonium. Many reef aquariums have naturally low nitrate levels (less than lppm as nitrate ion) despite good fish populations and regular feeding (inputs). Still others have persistent or chronic nitrate in the water despite low fish population and almost no feeding at all. Where this nitrate comes from and how it can be controlled is a subject with many facets.

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The COMPLETE guide to Aquariums

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