Order Mesoagastropoda

Family: Architectonicidae

Common Names: Box Snails, Sundial Snails

One of the most commonly encountered coral predators is the Checkered Box snail, Heliacus areola. These snails are often found nestled between the polyps of a zoanthid colony on which they feed at night. They outstretch their extendible proboscis and make a small hole near the base of the polyp from which they proceed to suck out the contents. The polyp eventually shrivels up and falls

Heliacus snail feeding on zoanthids. S.W. Michael.

Polyp Coral

off the rock (Ruiter, 1987b). Other members of this family such as Pbilippia and Architectonica, are known to eat coral polyps and anemones (Ates, 1987 ).

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