Order Neogastropoda

Family: Muricidae Common Name: Oyster Drills

Small Snails Fish Tank

Above:Two unidentified muricidae? snails feeding on Zoanthussp. colonial anemones from Indonesia. J. Sprung.

Oyster drills, belonging to the genus Urosalpinx, are occasionally introduced into the aquarium with live rock. These small snails use a tongue-like appendage called a radula to bore a hole in the shell of an oyster and suck out the contents. They should be removed as a precaution to prevent any damage to any other bivalves in the aquarium.

Muricidae snails also affect corals. Drupella comus feeds on acroporid and pocilloporid corals in the Indo-Pacific (Schuhmacher, 1991), and a similar appearing snail has also been found feeding on zoanthid anemones from Indonesia, see photo.

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