Scientific Name Hippopus hippopus Linnaeus 1758

Common Names: Horse's Hoof, Bear Paw or Strawberry Clam

Colour: Mantle is dull greenish-brown to grey with some faint gold stripes.

Distinguishing Characteristics: Mantle does not extend past the edge of the shell; shells thick and strongly ribbed with reddish blotches; incurrent aperture without tentacles and; very narrow byssal opening bordered with interlocking teeth (Lucas, 1988;). The name, "horse's hoop refers to the appearance of the shell when the clam is resting on its byssal opening with the valves closed. The broad base of the valves is shaped very much like a horses foot. Max. Length: 45 cm (18 in.).

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Figure 12.6 Hippopus hippopus

Ventral and lateral view of shell. Below: Map with geographical distribution of this clam. After Lucas 1988.

Clam Incurrent AppertureHippopus Spp Hippopus Hippopus

Similar Species: Hippopus porcellanus.

Natural Habitat: Hippopus hippopus are usually found lying lose on sandy bottoms and on near-reef flats down to a depth of 6 m (Crawford and Nash,1986; Achterkamp, 1987b). As this species grows it loses its byssal gland and relies on its size and weight to keep it in place (Yonge, 1975). Since the shell is well exposed, it can be become overgrown by various other organisms. This species is hunted both for food and as a souvenir. They are often fashioned into night lights and ashtrays for sale in shell shops . Again, one wonders whether such novelty imports are as strictly controlled and monitored as the live clam trade is.

Aquarium Care: The Horse s Hoof Clam is commonly seen for sale in the aquarium trade in North America. All of the clams sold are the products of aquaculture programs, and are not collected from the wild. These clams are very easy to keep in the home aquarium, but due to their subdued colours they do not generate as much interest as the more colourful Tridacna spp.

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