Scientific Name Hippopus porcellanus Rose water 1982

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Common Names: China or Porcelain Clam.

Colour: Mantle similar to H. hippopus and T. derasa.

Distinguishing Characteristics: Similar to H. hippopus but shell is thinner and smoother when small. Hippopus porcellanus has numerous fringing tentacles around the incurrent aperture (Lucas, 1988). Max. Length: 40 cm (18 in ).

Similar Species: Hippopus hippopus.

Natural Habitat: This species occurs in the same habitat as H. hippopus but, as mentioned earlier, it has a much smaller geographic range.

Aquarium Care: Little is known about the suitability of this species for the aquarium since live specimens are rarely imported (though the shells are commonly imported for ashtrays or other decorative purposes). It should prove to be as hardy as H. hippopus. This species has not received much attention in aquaculture. It is being cultivated now by the MMDC in Palau, so tank raised specimens may soon become available. Hopefully the

Hippopus Porcellanus

Figure 12.7

Hippopus porcellanus

Ventral and lateral view of shell. Below: Map with geographical distribution of the clam. After Lucas 1988.

Hippopus Porcellanus

The mantle of Hippopus porcellanus above is similar to H. hippopus. G. Heslinga.

Hippopus Porcellanus Scientific Images Coral Species

aquaculture of this species will also help to restock its small range, since it has been a target of the shell trade in the Philippines, and its numbers are rapidly dwindling (Lucas, 1988).

The inhalent siphon of H. porcellanus, below, has large fringing tentacles that are not present in H. hippopus. G. Heslinga.

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Robert P.L. Straughan, 1973 The Marine Collectors Guide

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