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Imagine what it would be like to own a reef aquarium like this! In our travels we have encountered some pretty amazing public and private reef aquariums, and we thought it would be inspirational to give a tour of some of these tanks. Their beauty demonstrates the kind of success that one can attain. With perseverance, patience, and by following the techniques described in this book, one really can reproduce thriving ecosystems like these.

We also want to show some variation in the types of ecosystems that can be created in a reef aquarium. Some of these tanks are primarily dominated by stony corals, some by soft corals, and others are mixed. Some have growth of macroalgae, while others are dominated by coralline algae only. Some have amazing fish populations and some have few fish at all. Each one is still a representation of a section of the reef ecosystem.

There is value in observing the aesthetics of the layout of the reef structure and placement of the corals and clams. The reef aquarium is not just a living ecosystem, it can also be arranged in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Note how the design of the exterior of the aquarium enhances its appearance as well.

We want to thank the people who graciously allowed us to visit with them and photograph their aquariums. It is fantastic that we have met so many people across North America and Europe through our common interest in the beauty and mystery of coral reefs.

Julian is stunned by Klaus Jansen's 15000 L (4,000 gal.) reef aquarium. A.J. Nilsen.

Peter Findeisen's reef aquarium. J. Sprung.

Klaus Jansen Tank4000 Aquarium4000 Aquarium

Aquarium 350x70x60 cm of Mr. Stoop, Moerdijk, Netherlands. L.N. Dekker.

Aquarium 200x105x75 cm of Mr. Leen Dekker, Dordrecht, Netherlands. L.N. Dekker.

4000 AquariumAquarium 120x50x40

Aquarium 120x50x40 cm of Mr. Ansums, Culenborg, Netherlands. L.N. Dekker.

4000 Aquarium

Aquarium 210x60x60 cm of Mr. Vermeer, Aperen, Netherlands.

Aquarium 200x60x60

Aquarium 200x60x60 cm of Mr. Vervaart, Etten Leur, Netherlands. L.N. Dekker.

Netherlands Soft Coral Aquariums

Aquarium 200x60x60 cm of Mr. Leen Dekker, Dordrecht, Netherlands. L.N. Dekker.



4000 Aquarium

Aquarium 220x60x50 cm of Mr. van der Ven, Dordrecht, Netherlands. L.N. Dekker.

Halimeda Aquarium

Niel Fox's (Taylor, Ml) reef aquarium contains abundant growths of Halimeda. J.C. Delbeek.

Halimeda Reef Tank

John Burleson's reef aquarium, Frederick, MD. J. Sprung.

Klaus Jansen Reef Aquarium

Mick Smith's reef aquarium, Omaha, Nebraska. J.C. Delbeek.

A portion of Steve Tyree's Acropora dominated aquarium. S. Tyree.

Steve Tyree Aquarium Daniel Knop

Some aquarists really get into their hobby! This is Daniel Knop and his reef aquarium, sized 300 x 200 x 90 cm. R. Knop.

Daniel Knop Reef Aquarium

warn y0

A portion of Alf Jacob Nilsen's reef aquarium in Norway. A.J. Nilsen.

120x50x40 Reef Tank

Reef aquarium of Mr. Robert James, Ontario, Canada. J.C. Delbeek.

Julian Sprung Reef Aquarium

A portion of Dietrich Stuber's reef aquarium in Berlin. J. Sprung.

Fotografie Reef Miami

Part of Julian Sprung's reef aquarium, Miami, Florida. J. Sprung.

Julian Sprung Reef Aquarium

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