Wave Buckets

Surge motion in the aquarium can he generated by means of a simple device called a wave or "dump" bucket. See diagram. Water being returned to the aquarium is fed into the bucket. When the weight of the water it contains creates an imbalance, the bucket tips over. The bucket pivot points can be made from plastic bearings or just pvc pipes of different diameter. Salt entering the bearings or rubbing parts will hinder the performance and may erode the plastic with time and the continuous turning of the pivot. A well-designed pivot avoids this problem. A poor design will necessitate constant re-starting of the dumping action. Lubricants should be avoided since they can easily enter the aquarium from this location. Additionally, it is difficult to build a dump bucket that does not generate at least some splash, which is undesirable mainly because splash produces salt creep and gradual loss of salt. Despite the disadvantages, the effect in the aquarium is wonderful, and really makes the animals and plants move to and fro in the same manner as waves in the sea.

Figure 5.6 Wave Bucket

Dump Bucket Fish Tank


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