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jewel damsel Plectroglyphidodon lacrymatus

SIZE: to 10 cm (4 in.) Damselfishes • Pomacentridae

ID: Brown with black scale margins, often gradating to tan or whitish on rear body and tail; small blue spots scattered on head and body. Solitary or form loose groups. Lagoons and outer reefs in 2-12 m.

Indo-Pacific: E. Afnca to Marshall Is. in Micronesia and French Polynesia. • S.W. Japan to E. Australia.

Itgl lagoon damsel Herruglyphidodon ptagiometopon

SIZE: to 18 cm (7 in.) Damselfishes - Pomacentridae

ID: Brown; head occasionally pale gradating to dark rear body; no distinctive markings. "Farm" algae; aggressive toward intruders. Sheltered shoreline reefs and lagoons often in areas of silting and turbid water to 20 m.

East Indo • Asian Pacific: Andaman Sea. Indonesia. Philippines. New Guinea, Solomon Is and Great Barrier Reef.

Surge Demoiselle - Brown Variation

SURGE DEMOISELLE Chrysiptera brownriggii

SEE: to 8.5 cm (3 '/< in.) Damselfishes • Pomacentridae ID: Yellow to yellow-orange: bright neon-blue stripe extends from snout to below rear dorsal fin. 2 blue and black spots on upper base of tail. Solitary or form groups. Outer reef flats and surge channels to 12 m.

Indo- Pacific: E Africa to Fiji and French Polynesia. - S.W. Japan to New Caledonia.

Surge Demoiselle - Brown Variation

ID: Dark brown; usually with white bar on mid-body and another at base of tail; yellowish patch or bar on gill cover. Basis for two variations, blue-backed (leucopomus) and brown (amabilis) is unknown and is apparently not related to size, geographic location or habitat as the two occasionally mix.

Chrysiptera Unimaculata Juvenile

Onespot Demoiselle - Juvenile

ONESPOT DEMOISELLE Chrysiptera unimaculata

SEE: to 8 cm (3 in.) Damselfishes - Pomacentridae

ID: Usually pale brown to gray forebody with dark rear body, occasionally entirely dark, yellowish pectoral fins; usually dark blotch or spot on rear dorsal fin. Solitary or form small groups. Wave-exposed reef flats to 2 m.

Indo-West Pacific: Red Sea and E. Africa to Fiji. - S.W. Japan to Australia and the Coral Sea.

Onespot Demoiselle - Juvenile

ID: Yellowish; neon-blue stripe on upper head; blue-ringed black ovale spot below mid-dorsal fin; dark spot or spot at rear dorsal fin. Solitary or form loose groups. Shallow reef flats and shoreline reefs exposed to mild surge to 2 m.

Blueline Demoiselle - Rowley Shoals Variation

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