Photo Credits

The majority of the species images were taken by the four authors. However, several underwater photographers added their work to this collection. The authors appreciate their efforts and assistance in making this book as comprehensive as possible. Additional photographers include: Jim Abemathy, 455tr; Lyn Adrian, 43tr; Mark Allen. 88ml; Fred Bavendam, 366ml; NateBartlett. 89mr; Helmut Debelius, 114br, 118tr. 121br, 187br, 241mr, 244mr, 398br, 418br; JL Earle, 187ml; DieterEicbler, 109bl, lllbl, 112ml, 144ml, 145tl, 160bl, 175ml, 179bL 187mr, 206tr & ml, 216br, 228mr, 230br, 239br, 312tl, 340mr, 349ml, 409mr, 41 ltr, 427tl, 444tl & bl;A&A Ferrari/Innerspace Visions. 128br; David Hall. 441tr; Howard Hall 421bl; Wolcott Henry. 373 tl, 429 bl; Johann Hinterkircher/IKAN, 429tl; John Hoover. 30tr, 133br, 134tl, 327ml, 436ml, 438ml; Burt Jones. 381ml, 382mr; PeterKraugh. 310br; RudieKuiter. 58ml, 76bl, 81mr, 94tr, 96tl 110ml & mr, 113br, 120mr, 121tl &ml, 128ml, 129tr,mi&br, 133bL 136ml, 137mr, &bl, 140bl &br, 142tl, 160mr, 165ml, 158bl, 159tl, 160mr, 175tr, 175tr, bl &br, 178ml &mr, 181mr, 182tl,tr &br. 184mr &br, 186tr &ml, 191bl, 192tl, 194tl, 203br, 204ml, 205tl, 206tl, 207br, 209ml, 215br, 204ml, 205tl, 206tl, 207br, 209ml, 215br, 222tl, 225tl, 226mr, 227ml, 233ml, 240bl, 241tl 8tbr. 242 mr &br, 243tl, 246bl, 260tl, 270tr & mr, 272tl &tr, 274mr, 277mr &bl, 285bl & br, 291tl &tr, 311M, 317mr, 324bl, 326bl 8cbr, 327bl, 330mr, 332br, 345tr, 347tr, 355ml, 371 bl, 374br, 375tr, 380bl, 383ml &mr, 396tl, 400bl, 401mr, 403bl &br, 409br, 425mr, 426mr, 428ml. 431tr, 433br, 440tr. 440 ml, mr, bl, & br, 452bl, 455bl; Ken Marks. 4 m & b, 288tl, 394tr, 443ml; Hajime Masuda. 94br; Scon Michael. 142ml, 143tl, 143tr, 148tl, 149br, 150mr. 193bl, 194tr, 196ml, 197mr & br, 198bl, 200tr, 202tr, 204tl. 226tr, 230ml, 231tr, 271bl, 276tl, 325ml, 351tr, 363ml, 365mr, 366tr & mr, 383bl, 385tr, 436tr, mr &br, 437 tr, ml, mr & bl, 438br, 441 ml, 443U, 443tr & bl 450tr, ml, mr & bl, 451tl, tr, ml & bl, 453 mr &br, 454ml & bl, 457 tl; Rob Myers. 46tl, 47mr, 48mr, 54mr, 57br, 58tr, 81ml, 83mr, 87ml, 120ml, 121bl, 126bl, 133 mr, 134bl, 136tl & bl, 147bl &br, 149tr & bl, 150tr, 157br, 167tl, 171tr & br, 172ml, 173tr, 175mr, 176bl, 177ml, 178bl, 179br, 180bl, 183tr, 185br, 196tl mr, bl & mr, 197mr, 200tl & tr, 201br, 204mr, 206bl, 207ml & bl, 211tr, 215tr, ml & mr, 221 tl & ml, 222tr, 224mr, 226br, 227tr & br, 231br, 234tr; 235tr, 235ml &mr, 236tl, 236tr, 237tl, 251bl, 270tl, 305tl, 305tr, 324ml, 334br, 344bl & br, 345bl & br, 346bl &br, 377 br, 387bl, 403br, 418ml, 430mr; Hiroshi Nagano. 287mr, 317bl; Christopher Newbert, 124m; Fraizer Nivens. 454tl; Mark Norman 452tl; Jack Randall. 52bl&br, 66tl. 68tl, 72br, 75ml, 77tl, 98bl, lOObr, 103ml, 107bl, 130bl, 132bl, 135ml, 136mr, 144tr, 148bl & br, 151ml, 169ml, 173mr, 183mr & br, 209 bl, 224br, 229ml, 236br, 241ml, 243tr, 261mr, 367ml, 375mr, 395tl & tr, 396bl & br, 400tl, 421mr, 440tl, 442mr, 456br; Hagen Schmid/IKAN, 455ml; Mark Strickland. 455mr; Miki Tonozuka. 444br; Takamosa Tonozuka. 38tl, 157bl, 239tr, 287ml, 311tl, 311tr, 322tr, 367tr; Rob Vanderloos. 424br; Peter Verhoog. 450tl, 454tr; Fenton Walsh. 151tl, 198«, 198tr, 200ml, 207tl, 231bl, 273tl, 278br; Phil Woodhead, 294tl; the remaining 2,140 photographs were taken by Gerald Allen, Roger Steene, Paul Humann and Ned DeLoach

About the Authors

Gerald R. Allen is the author of more than 300 scientific articles and 28 books. He served as Senior Curator of Fishes at the Western Australian Museum between 1974-1998 and is now a full-time consultant with Conservation International. Dr. Allen is an international authority on both coral reef fishes and Australian freshwater fishes. He received a Ph.D. in marine zoology from the University of Hawaii in 1971 and since then has dived extensively throughout the Indo-Pacific region, logging over 6,000 hours underwater. Underwater photography is his favorite hobby and several thousand of his photos have appeared in a wide variety of publications. Originally from the USA, Dr. Allen and his wife Connie have resided in Perth, Western Australia for the past 30 years.

Roger Steene has lived his entire life at the front doorstep of Australia's Great Barrier Reef. He became interested in underwater photography at an early stage and his enthusiasm has never waned. This is his eleventh book devoted to marine subjects, having accumulated more than 30 years of underwater experience in the process. He has dived and photographed in all the world's tropical seas from the Caribbean and Galapagos to the Red Sea and Mauritius. He lists Indonesia and Papua New Guinea as his favorite destinations due to their incredible marine biodiversity. Concentrating on close-up photography, his meticulous attention to detail conveys a special impression of marine life.

Paul Humann began photographing marine life in 1964. In a bold move in 1972 he left his established law practice in his hometown of Wichita, Kansas to become the owner/operator of the Cayman Diver, the Caribbean's first successful live-aboard diving cruiser. He sold the vessel in 1979 to devote more time to travel, photography and writing. His images and articles have appeared in nearly every diving and wildlife magazine. Together with his partner Ned DeLoach, Paul has written 14 marine life field guides including the popular 3-volume Caribbean Reef Set, Reef Fish Identification - Galapagos and Coastal Fish Identification - California to Alaska. When not traveling Paul lives in Davie, Florida where, if not writing about fishes, he tends to another passion, his two-acre palm-studded garden/home fondly known as Mango Manor.

After finishing a degree in education in 1967. Ned DeLoach moved from his childhood home in West Texas to Florida so that he would be able to do more of what he loves best - dive. In 1971 he completed his first diving guide to the state, Diving Guide to Underwater Florida, which was released in its 10th edition in 2001. Through the 1970s and 1980s Ned was active in Florida's cave diving community and dive/travel writing. A mutual friend introduced Paul to Ned in the mid-80s. Two years later the pair reunited as co-editors of Ocean Realm magazine. It was during this time that the idea of producing a series of marine life identification books designed for divers was born. After co-authoring a number of marine life field guides the partners published Reef Fish Behavior in 2000. Ned and his wife Anna live in Jacksonville, Florida.

Twenty Identification Groups

1. Disk-shaped/Colorful



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