A few acknowledgments are necessary. First, and foremost, this book has been possible only because of the contributors who have written about the zoos and aquariums in their regions and countries. No one individual could know, or even gather, this historical information from throughout the world. Too much time, money, language skills, and effort would be required to accomplish what these contributors have achieved. Although some guidance was given to the contributors to establish some degree of conformity, contributors were encouraged to write in their unique ways from their cultural viewpoints. An editorial effort was made to balance consistency with uniqueness. Several other individuals were unable to contribute chapters, but suggested others who could, and these gestures were greatly appreciated. Without such cooperative assistance, the necessary contacts could not have been made.

This project has not enjoyed the usual array of grants, secretaries to do the typing, research assistants, or the like. Some eight years of voluntary efforts by the contributors and the editor got the work done. In addition to the contributors, I would like to thank Ross Arnett, publisher, editor, writer, scientist, and friend. Ross, who passed away just as the manuscript was finished, had faith in the book from the beginning, and helped get it into the publisher's hands, a daunting task for an author to accomplish unaided. I would also like to thank John Sulzycki, our editor at CRC Press, for his keen interest, constructive criticism, advice, and help. The book, for whatever it is worth, is far better than it would have been without John's work. While the contributors made the book possible, Ross and John made the book publishable.

Contributors for most chapters have relied upon numerous individuals who provided them with information. It would be difficult to list all of them here, but they have been listed in the chapter references as personal communications. Reviewers, some known to me and some not known, provided constructive criticism on individual chapters, for which I am grateful. In particular, I would like to thank Herman Reichenbach for reviewing several of the chapters and for sharing his expertise on zoos, natural history, European history, and the Chinese language. Without this array of contacts, both within and outside the zoo profession, the chapters would have been far less informative and less accurate.

The final result, this particular history, has been a complex effort driven to completion with the help of individuals with a keen interest, and a passion, for the history of zoos and aquariums. I have enjoyed the opportunity to work with them, and to learn from them, on this project.

Vernon Kisling

Gainesville, Florida

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