Cover Photographs

Background Photograph: African Panorama exhibit at Hagenbeck's Tierpark, Stellingen (Hamburg), Germany. Panorama exhibits revolutionized the exhibition of animals during the twentieth century (see Chapter 3). (Photograph by Harro Strehlow.)

Front Cover: Camel exhibit during the mid-1920s at Ueno Zoo, Tokyo, Japan (see Chapter 9). (Photograph courtesy of Ueno Zoo.)

Back Cover:

Upper Left: Heron painted as an illustration for the Indian Natural History Project, from a specimen at the Barrackpore menagerie, Calcutta, India, early to mid-1800s (see Chapter 8). (© The British Library.)

Lower Right: Tiger painted from a specimen in the Raja Serfagee menagerie (early to mid-1880s), the precursor to the Shivaganga Gardens Zoo, Tamil Nadu, India. From the Raja Serfagee Collection (see Chapter 8). (© The British Library.)

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Zoo and aquarium history : ancient animal collections to zoological gardens / edited by Vernon N. Kisling, Jr. p. cm.

Includes bibliographical references (p.). ISBN 0-8493-2100-x

1. Zoos—History. 2. Menageries—History. 3. Aquariums, Public—History. I. Kisling, Vernon N.

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